For Christmas, I finished this drawing as a piece for my sister, and made her a set of personalized stationary. She liked it a lot, which made me happy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I was pretty overwhelmed by the handmade teapot/tea cups my mom gave me, and all in all this was a good year. She also gave me an automatic shower cleaner, I think she is trying to tell me something.

Hallmark Contest ends in exactly two weeks, and I am tied for first place. which is nuts.

And, sorry to be one of
those people, but my sister got a kitten recently, and I managed to snap this picture while she had climbed our Christmas tree. She is crazy.

Self Portrait

Well, it's that time of year for seniors, the time of senior self portraits for the poster.
I wanted to take a simple approach, but I ended up doing three versions before finding one I liked

This is the final version, the one that's going on the poster, just pen and ink

this was the first version, I'm not crazy about it now, I look like I got caught outside in the rain

And this was my second version, which was okay, but I still look about 12 years old, and it doesn't really look like me

There are times when it all clicks, times when you have to fight a bit, and times when you need to not be scared to start over and do three versions. Students expect it to always click, and I don't think it's like that for anyone, for every piece to come naturally. As Pratt says, you can't always be shooting off fireworks.

Also, for the
Hallmark Contest I'm tied for third place! You can vote every day if you want. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far :)

Good News!

Hey Everyone, remember that hallmark contest I mentioned two entries ago?

I made it into the final round of judging for Hallmark's Product (RED) Card competition! Hallmark just joined as a partner for Product (RED) and ran a contest to design cards that will be sold to benefit the Global Fund, helping with AIDS, Tuberculosis, and other diseases in Africa, so it's a really good cause.

If I win, my cards are printed and sold in Hallmark stores for a year (!!!!), and money is donated to the Global Fund in my name, plus I get paid for the design.

Please take a minute and vote, my design is named "Delivery"
(it's the one with the teal background and red trees.)
Please pass this along to anyone you know!
Click here!

Thank you very much!!!


Sketchbook drawing I intend on taking to final

I like clocks and old words

A few weeks ago I was in a very pouty mood and did this drawing

Struggling with my self portrait for the poster-

I like this drawing not because it's good, but because it makes people uncomfortable.

Another drawing of another wistful girl reading. Might finish this one?

Drawing I think I'll use for a Christmas card.

Scanned some recent sketchbook stuff, lots of brush pen drawings, as you can see.
Wrapping up the semester is always a challenge. I either feel overwhelmed, or this odd sense of being caught up, and therefore not knowing what to do with myself. Right now I kind of feel both, so I updated my blog instead of sorting out what I really should be doing.

Exciting times at Ringling, I feel like winter break will help me get my plan together for thesis.

Also, my roommate Trish now has an
Etsy Store so you can easily buy a designer plushie for someone for christmas.
Delivery - Watercolor/digital

This was my entry for Hallmark's first Product (Red) card competition.
Info can be found here
If I make it into the final 10, the cards are open to voting, and I hope I can count on your support in this upcoming election.

Other than that, been superbusy and trying out my new imac. This is my first grown up adult purchase and I love it. Expect things soon. Hope you all had a collectively good thanksgiving.


Book cover for black swan green, a coming of age story about a boy in England who has a stutter, writes poetry, and goes for long walks alone.

Book cover for Prodigal Summer, a story about different people living in the Appalachian mountains, one of whom is a moth scientist.

Book cover for The Double Bind, a book that is really hard to describe, but deals with schizophrenia, the great gatsby, and a homeless man in vermont.

For our most recent assignment, we had to pick and illustrate a book cover. I think I enjoy books too much to only do one, so I tried to do some of the books I read this summer. I'm happy with all of them in different ways, and I think if I had to maintain this working pace professionally, I easily could.

I have a feeling my thesis will deal with books in some way, being as books are the only thing I know for certain I want to do. I can get excited about books.

She was a junkie for the printed word. Lucky for me, I manufactured her drug of choice.


Recent sketchbook pages.

The weather has been really nice, this time of year I like to open my window and get some fresh air in here. Sucks that the huge AC unit is right outside my window and it's pretty loud. But in general it's nice to be outside and be alive and all that. All year I've been watching the
Spiny Orb Weavers outside our apartment, who are constantly building and rebuilding their webs, and they are pretty much the coolest thing going on right now.

I have 6 months of school left and I'm surprisingly calm.


Forbidden planet environment
There comes a time when you get one of those assignments you don't want to do, when you know you probably won't put it in a portfolio or show it to anyone ever again. Such was the case with the Forbidden Planet assignment. Thiel thought it would be a great idea to have us all do posters for his favorite movie. Well, a lesson in patience if nothing else.

Also, for our portfolio class we had to create a letterhead system for ourselves, with business cards, postcards, stationary and envelopes etc etc. I really enjoyed being back in design mode, and had fun coming up with this stuff.
Click on the card to see all of the pieces, it's a bigger image.

Birds and bikes and girls are fine by me.

I feel like i'm at a strange transition point in my work where I don't have many finished pieces, but a lot of good starts. Hopefully soon I'll have some new work up.

autumnal speedpaint

speed painting, pretty much in one sitting. In celebration of fall, girls in sweaters, and chunky thighs.



I think I've found a technique that's pretty fast and has decent results, I like working this way.

The past week was incredibly busy, this Friday we had our second Illest of Ill show. The piece in the previous entry (chelsea) as well as a watercolor I did at the end of the summer (carmine) got in, along with my summer sketchbook. We had crazy hours this week, getting up at 7 or 8 to open the gallery or pick up shirts, and staying up til 4 or 5 am hanging work or moving couches or doing... whatever had to be done. There was a group of about 30 students involved, and it was really cool to see everyone working together for something that everyone could enjoy.
We also flew in Coro from Massive Black to judge and do some demos. He turned out to be a really cool guy, and I think he picked a pretty good show. If you enjoyed the show, get involved next year, I really hope illest is here to stay.

For once, I'm pretty caught up on work. I might go to bed at a decent hour!


thought it would be fun to do a crowd scene, and it was. I like working like this, I think I might push this process and see where I can go with it.

Illest submissions on Wednesday, I hope everyone has some cool stuff for the show.

Also, I finally updated my site for real
Check it out.

Also, I am having some computer trouble, so any Ringling folk who want to come over and look at my machine and help me out, that would be cool. I'm about to kick it. Off my balcony.

Anne Boleyn

Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn for the upcoming movie on the subject.
Watercolor, gouache, and a fair amount of noodling in photoshop.

Still some things to fix, but I'm done with it for now.


The other illustration for Thiel's class. Watercolor and gouache. Sometimes when I have too much time to finish something I tighten up, as this seems to be the case. Still had fun though.
Everyone seems to be a little off kilter this week. I figured it was a full moon or somesuch, but it's actually a new moon, (so surely it's some reverse werewolf thing) either way, sleep always seems to help. So adieu.

nerdy nancy needs nice novels

When I was little I didn't really ride my bike as much as most kids did. Maybe when I was really little, but I don't remember too well. I used to have roller blades and I was too scared to go too far, so I'd just ride up and down my street until some kid made fun of me. I like biking more now, but this heat is too intense to do much more than walk to class without needing a shower.

Anyhow, this is a sketch I did for thiel's first assignment, I want to scan and post the final later tonight, which is a completely different image. I liked the story a lot, so it was fun doing extra sketches. A lonely girl rides her bike to the library and brings home as many books as she can. I mean come on.

This year has been good so far. Just a matter of keeping motivated. And cooking as much as possible :)


I haven't posted sketchbook stuff in a while. These are from the past few weeks, from precollege forward. Sketchbooks have been kind of frustrating for me lately.

bayou 2

busts at the Ringling museum. sometimes I draw in pencil :O

the first weekend of precollege, the students got together and drew each other portrait night style. They were all really into it

Other than sketchbooks and a few watercolors, I've mostly been working on the children's book job I've had for some time now. I feel like the end is in sight though, and even though it took a while to get going on the final work, I'm pretty happy at how things are turning out. I'll probably post the whole book when I finish the watercolors, and you can all see the extent of my cute bunny abilities.
For the remainder of summer, Drew and I are going hiking/rafting/painting/bear fighting up in Georgia in the mountains in the northeast part of the state.
And then, holycrapwe'reseniors