Dr. Wizard

Speedpaintin and trying new things.

And a few sketchbook gals.

I wish I had more time and energy for sketching. Lately I find the same peace and zen like focus through cooking, and that has been a worthwhile and delicious substitute for my evenings. The parallels between cooking and art are obvious to me, and I'm sure if I ever become a teacher my students will have to endure lots of cooking metaphors and call me Crazy Ol' McGuire.

I've been at Reel FX over a year now, it's kind of crazy to realize that amount of time has flown by so quickly. I'm running off to visit folks in Colorado for Labor Day, since no summer is complete without a mountain adventure. Hope all are well.

Travelin' Man

You know your job is pretty cool when your boss designs giant robots.

I created a few promotional images to go along with the upcoming Traveling Man Robots that my friend Mr. Brandon Oldenburg designed for the city of Dallas. The official site can be found here. I'm excited to have these guys just a few blocks from Reel FX. 

You can also be a friend of the traveling man, on Facebook.