These were for Pratt's book assignment, I did Renaissance Instruments.

that's what I ate in New York

sketching outside the met

Weird how much this year has felt like senior year. I don't like thinking that if I don't get the perfect internship that my career is over before it's begun. It's amazing to travel and see the wide range of opportunities for artists, and the wide range of careers that come out of this school. And maybe a little bit, to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that if I work hard I will get employed. I probably come across as pessimistic with some things, but I'm actually really excited about my career. Just like I'm excited to make art. Only then, I'd be making art and getting paid, and not having to take math class. That sounds like a nice life to me, so I'll be fine even if internships don't work out this summer.

But really an internship would be nice, please!


This was the better of my character designs for digital illustrations. I did a redesign of Frey, the viking god of fertility and harvest and stuff. This was fun, but photoshop is frustrating just in that you can keep on rendering and rendering your brains out and never be done, if you want. Very unlike a watercolor you can finish in one sitting.

I had a nice snowy spring break in Manhattan, and will post sketches soon.



recent sketchbook stuff, laid out how it will appear in my hallmark/AG portfolio

somewhat old, from the zoo last month.

Good golly it's midterm and it's spring break! I leave tuesday for Manhattan with some friends. We have some cool stuff planned, society of illustrators, illustration house, maybe blue man group, and other stuff. I have a lot to do but I'm happy to be producing work again. Updates after break I imagine :)



My blog was all messed up for a week or so, if you hadn't noticed. Blogger thought I was a spam blog (splog, as it were) and so disabled it, sending me back to December. I emailed them frantically and all was repaired and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Finally getting a chance to get some new work done. I need to mix up my subject matter a bit I think, but really, this is what I like drawing most to relax. I also have some comic pages done, I'll get some up when I have something more substantial. The comics class has been going really well.

Here's a sample panel edited to reflect Thiel's comment that one of my characters looked like an artsy cat stevens wannabe, and so we turned it into Matt Dalluhn with a giant butter knife? (Out of respect and admiration I assure you.)

I'm busy as heck! I leave for NYC in one week precisely. I've never been there and will no doubt be lookin up at all dem buildins while someone swipes my camera. I'm really excited. Part of me has always felt like I should live in a big city. I'm very attracted to the idea of public transit, and actual art scene and having late night dining options other than... applebees or taco bell.

Gotta work!