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Precollege finished up a week ago, all in all being Head TA was a really good experience, I feel like I learned more about teaching and class control and all of that stuff. I organized a little mini demo week, doing some watercolor demos for the kids, having Jane do an oil painting demo, and Miguel do a digital painting demo. All were well attended and well received. It's cool to be around kids who are really still excited about coming to Ringling. I think by your senior year we get a bit jaded, and you start taking things for granted. Precollege always serves as a humbling experience, and reminds me to stay passionate about what I'm doing. Because if I don't, there's a whole generation of young artists who would be happy to surpass me in a few years

I also changed my blog, I wanted something wintery to remind me that it will not always be in the upper 90's outside. :)

In the precollege graphic design workshop, the students had to do a poster about a "famous first" or guinness record. I thought it would be cool to do a recently set record, about the longest chinese dancing dragon. I'm not much of a dragon-drawin-type of gal, but this was fun nonetheless, to work with different imagery and force myself to deal with design. Jeff and Sara were kind enough to guide me on the type.
This year went quickly for precollege, one week left!

hundred years

Woman King
watercolor and ink on Arches cold press
nitpicky touch ups in photoshop

I had been wanting to do an illustration for Iron and Wine's "woman king" for a while now, and though I had fun with this one, I think I could do an entire series of images on the song and still not capture it as I'd intended. The entire woman king ep is one of my favorite albums, actually. I always find it very soothing/invigorating to listen to when I work late at night. A lot of the aesthetic for this one came from Annie Leibovitz's photography, which I've been looking more into lately.

Precollege is in full swing now. I'd forgotten how much I like teaching. Working in design classes is a lesson in itself. I really like working with Jeff Bleitz, it makes me wish the majors worked together more. We really do have a lot to teach each other.

Blackbird claw, raven wing
Under the red sunlight
Long clothesline, two shirtsleeves
Waving as we go by

Hundred years, hundred more
Someday we may see
A woman king
Wristwatch time
Slowin' as she goes to sleep

Black horsefly, lemonade
Jar on the red anthill
Garden worm, cigarette
Ash on the windowsill

Hundred years, hundred more
Someday we may see
A woman king
Sword in hand
Swing at some evil and bleed

Black hoof mare, broken leg
Eye on the shotgun shell
Age old dog, hornet nest
Built in the big church bell

Hundred years, hundred more
Someday we may see
A woman king
Bloodshot eye
Thumb down and starting to weep