Good News!

Hey Everyone, remember that hallmark contest I mentioned two entries ago?

I made it into the final round of judging for Hallmark's Product (RED) Card competition! Hallmark just joined as a partner for Product (RED) and ran a contest to design cards that will be sold to benefit the Global Fund, helping with AIDS, Tuberculosis, and other diseases in Africa, so it's a really good cause.

If I win, my cards are printed and sold in Hallmark stores for a year (!!!!), and money is donated to the Global Fund in my name, plus I get paid for the design.

Please take a minute and vote, my design is named "Delivery"
(it's the one with the teal background and red trees.)
Please pass this along to anyone you know!
Click here!

Thank you very much!!!


Mirna said...

erin this is really nice. got my vote! the only thing i don't like too much is the girl's face. looks too cartoony compared to what you usually do.
your blog is as lovely as always!

mauricio salmon said...

done!! good luck

Francis Vallejo said...

voted! best of luck!