thought it would be fun to do a crowd scene, and it was. I like working like this, I think I might push this process and see where I can go with it.

Illest submissions on Wednesday, I hope everyone has some cool stuff for the show.

Also, I finally updated my site for real
Check it out.

Also, I am having some computer trouble, so any Ringling folk who want to come over and look at my machine and help me out, that would be cool. I'm about to kick it. Off my balcony.


John Ofori said...

very nice FN cool comp and color palette

Andrew Olson said...

hlels yez

Sarah Watts said...

This one is really cool.

Trish Tatman said...

On your site, something is linked wrong, because everytime you flip to another image, it flashes white first. Do you have the entire page changing or just the images??

Arrolynn said...

This is beautiful.

mauricio salmon said...

really nice erin i like the color treatment you used. great composition too.