Delivery - Watercolor/digital

This was my entry for Hallmark's first Product (Red) card competition.
Info can be found here
If I make it into the final 10, the cards are open to voting, and I hope I can count on your support in this upcoming election.

Other than that, been superbusy and trying out my new imac. This is my first grown up adult purchase and I love it. Expect things soon. Hope you all had a collectively good thanksgiving.


Rampian said...

Hi, Erin

I really enjoy your work. Strong characterizations and atmosphere. Have you ever done picturebooks?


Matt Dalluhn said...

Very nice, congrats on the selection and good luck getting in the top 10. This is where it helps to have 12,000 myspace friends that you can bulletin and try to squeeze out extra votes.

just kidding, you won't need to do that.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I will be happy to vote for you!!

Ben Zweifel said...

this turned out really well erin, I like it alot.

Sandra Lucia said...

This is definalty a winner in my eyes; definatly count on two votes! Aside from that its a pretty strong piece I really love your use of color!

Gail said...

This is really beautiful. I would definately vote for this.

Anonymous said...

hi honey

see you soon thanks for letting us crash your holiday gathering

claire and don

what do you want from maine?

I would love a copy of the girl in the book cover( hint hint)