they are friends i spose.

Only a few weeks left in the semester. This is good and scary. Winter break will hold- sister graduation, possibly north georgia, definitely land of lakes and snow and more snow, and definitely catching up on other projects and letting all of the knowledge and pratty-zen-like wisdom marinate until I maybe start to get it and step it up and start doing something I'm happy with.

til then


I've been keeping a collab sketchbook with some kid I know and it's been pretty fun. It's kind of refreshing to work on someone else's lines, and have them work on yours. These are a few pages.
More Prattwerk posthaste.

little fingers

Another watercolor technique that uses ink and charcoal and other things. I like what I can do with this one.

Recently I've been putting a lot of thought into what I want to do with comics. One of my big hurdles was being unsure or unable to decide on what kind of look I'd want it to have. Pratt's techniques have been useful in that regard, as the drawing is very fresh and direct (something I'd want) and still has an emotive quality (also something I'd want). The story is the hardest part at this point. I have a very brief sketch of an idea of what I want to say, it's just always been hard to flesh out a story, make it something worth your time, worth my time. We'll see, I spose.