Recent sketchbook pages.

The weather has been really nice, this time of year I like to open my window and get some fresh air in here. Sucks that the huge AC unit is right outside my window and it's pretty loud. But in general it's nice to be outside and be alive and all that. All year I've been watching the
Spiny Orb Weavers outside our apartment, who are constantly building and rebuilding their webs, and they are pretty much the coolest thing going on right now.

I have 6 months of school left and I'm surprisingly calm.



the girl sitting down with socks on and the birds are so beautiful

Andrew Olson said...

I love that first one, hair shirt+black gloves= ultra combo

Trish Tatman said...

Always with the girls in their underpants. Although the first sketch is quite nice. :)

mauricio salmon said...

beautiful sketches erin. the forbidden planet piece is amazing. i'm sure thiel got a kick out of it.