I got a thing for cozy old buildings. One of the things I miss most about New England is the architecture, nothing in Florida feels like it has quite the same history or charm. If I make it to The Homeland this summer, priority #1 is taking pictures of interesting houses. 

Funny how things can end up being major influences on you, not just other artists but really your environment growing up. My mom has subscribed to Country Living for as long as I remember, and though I'm in no position to revamp a seaside cottage, that aesthetic seems to be ingrained in me (teapots!). I've been going through the old issues and drawing whatever buildings catch my eye, so expect more soonish.


New Layout, hope you like it. :]


Not sure if this one is done yet, though it is fitting mayhaps that my first post-graduation piece should be a sunrise (or sunset, I suppose.) This is part one of a longer series I want to work on, this way of working is relaxing to me. 

I went to Oklahoma for a week to visit Drew's family, and on our way back to Florida, our flight out of Oklahoma city took off at about 6 in the morning, so we go to see the sun rise from thousands of feet up in the air, it was pretty crazy, the light was pure pink and the horizon had this odd mist to it. I guess normally I'm not awake in the morning to enjoy these things, but sunrise from an airplane was surprisingly beautiful.

Here's an obligatory airport drawing. :)

Now that I'm done with school, I have a lot I've been meaning to do but got pushed to the back burner during the whirlwind that is senior year/thesis/job hunt/meltdown. Now, it's nice to have the time to make some new work, redesign my website, all while going through the piles of boxes in my storage closet of a room. Not moving out over last summer meant I had a accumulated a lot of stuff, and every time I have to move out, a minimalist lifestyle always seems so appealing, especially right now. If all else doesn't work out, I'll buy a Tumbleweed House and try my luck in the mountains.