For Christmas, I finished this drawing as a piece for my sister, and made her a set of personalized stationary. She liked it a lot, which made me happy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I was pretty overwhelmed by the handmade teapot/tea cups my mom gave me, and all in all this was a good year. She also gave me an automatic shower cleaner, I think she is trying to tell me something.

Hallmark Contest ends in exactly two weeks, and I am tied for first place. which is nuts.

And, sorry to be one of
those people, but my sister got a kitten recently, and I managed to snap this picture while she had climbed our Christmas tree. She is crazy.

Self Portrait

Well, it's that time of year for seniors, the time of senior self portraits for the poster.
I wanted to take a simple approach, but I ended up doing three versions before finding one I liked

This is the final version, the one that's going on the poster, just pen and ink

this was the first version, I'm not crazy about it now, I look like I got caught outside in the rain

And this was my second version, which was okay, but I still look about 12 years old, and it doesn't really look like me

There are times when it all clicks, times when you have to fight a bit, and times when you need to not be scared to start over and do three versions. Students expect it to always click, and I don't think it's like that for anyone, for every piece to come naturally. As Pratt says, you can't always be shooting off fireworks.

Also, for the
Hallmark Contest I'm tied for third place! You can vote every day if you want. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far :)

Good News!

Hey Everyone, remember that hallmark contest I mentioned two entries ago?

I made it into the final round of judging for Hallmark's Product (RED) Card competition! Hallmark just joined as a partner for Product (RED) and ran a contest to design cards that will be sold to benefit the Global Fund, helping with AIDS, Tuberculosis, and other diseases in Africa, so it's a really good cause.

If I win, my cards are printed and sold in Hallmark stores for a year (!!!!), and money is donated to the Global Fund in my name, plus I get paid for the design.

Please take a minute and vote, my design is named "Delivery"
(it's the one with the teal background and red trees.)
Please pass this along to anyone you know!
Click here!

Thank you very much!!!


Sketchbook drawing I intend on taking to final

I like clocks and old words

A few weeks ago I was in a very pouty mood and did this drawing

Struggling with my self portrait for the poster-

I like this drawing not because it's good, but because it makes people uncomfortable.

Another drawing of another wistful girl reading. Might finish this one?

Drawing I think I'll use for a Christmas card.

Scanned some recent sketchbook stuff, lots of brush pen drawings, as you can see.
Wrapping up the semester is always a challenge. I either feel overwhelmed, or this odd sense of being caught up, and therefore not knowing what to do with myself. Right now I kind of feel both, so I updated my blog instead of sorting out what I really should be doing.

Exciting times at Ringling, I feel like winter break will help me get my plan together for thesis.

Also, my roommate Trish now has an
Etsy Store so you can easily buy a designer plushie for someone for christmas.