Delivery - Watercolor/digital

This was my entry for Hallmark's first Product (Red) card competition.
Info can be found here
If I make it into the final 10, the cards are open to voting, and I hope I can count on your support in this upcoming election.

Other than that, been superbusy and trying out my new imac. This is my first grown up adult purchase and I love it. Expect things soon. Hope you all had a collectively good thanksgiving.


Book cover for black swan green, a coming of age story about a boy in England who has a stutter, writes poetry, and goes for long walks alone.

Book cover for Prodigal Summer, a story about different people living in the Appalachian mountains, one of whom is a moth scientist.

Book cover for The Double Bind, a book that is really hard to describe, but deals with schizophrenia, the great gatsby, and a homeless man in vermont.

For our most recent assignment, we had to pick and illustrate a book cover. I think I enjoy books too much to only do one, so I tried to do some of the books I read this summer. I'm happy with all of them in different ways, and I think if I had to maintain this working pace professionally, I easily could.

I have a feeling my thesis will deal with books in some way, being as books are the only thing I know for certain I want to do. I can get excited about books.

She was a junkie for the printed word. Lucky for me, I manufactured her drug of choice.


Recent sketchbook pages.

The weather has been really nice, this time of year I like to open my window and get some fresh air in here. Sucks that the huge AC unit is right outside my window and it's pretty loud. But in general it's nice to be outside and be alive and all that. All year I've been watching the
Spiny Orb Weavers outside our apartment, who are constantly building and rebuilding their webs, and they are pretty much the coolest thing going on right now.

I have 6 months of school left and I'm surprisingly calm.