A few new scans. More soon....


Recent pages out of my sketchbook for Pratt's class.

Barnes & Noble with volker

Whole Foods

Volker and Matt and guitar skills

Sketchbook illustration for "fear"

Uh, some building down some alley downtown.

More after I get some sleep.


oh I get it

Hectic times like these, I am reminded of the wise womanly wisdom of Ani Difranco-

maybe you don't like your job
maybe you didn't get enough sleep
well, nobody likes their job
nobody got enough sleep
maybe you just had
the worst day of your life
but, you know, there's no escape
and there's no excuse
so just suck up and be nice

It sounds much kinder with some guitarin.
But that being said, Ringling has been pretty intense. I've worked so much harder already this year, and I feel like I'm actually pushing myself, being pushed, and pushing other people. We're all just getting shoved all over the place, pretty much.
Also, I know myspace isn't really known for being a place of... actual content and substance, but I've been keeping up with my blog there much more frequently than this one. This one will remain art and pithy statements though. Most of the posts are friends only, but there's still something. I'm keeping blogs like sketchbooks, jeez mcguire.

so very well

George Pratt spewing wisdom ^
I'm grateful for anyone who pushes me to be a better anything.