thought it would be fun to do a crowd scene, and it was. I like working like this, I think I might push this process and see where I can go with it.

Illest submissions on Wednesday, I hope everyone has some cool stuff for the show.

Also, I finally updated my site for real
Check it out.

Also, I am having some computer trouble, so any Ringling folk who want to come over and look at my machine and help me out, that would be cool. I'm about to kick it. Off my balcony.

Anne Boleyn

Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn for the upcoming movie on the subject.
Watercolor, gouache, and a fair amount of noodling in photoshop.

Still some things to fix, but I'm done with it for now.


The other illustration for Thiel's class. Watercolor and gouache. Sometimes when I have too much time to finish something I tighten up, as this seems to be the case. Still had fun though.
Everyone seems to be a little off kilter this week. I figured it was a full moon or somesuch, but it's actually a new moon, (so surely it's some reverse werewolf thing) either way, sleep always seems to help. So adieu.

nerdy nancy needs nice novels

When I was little I didn't really ride my bike as much as most kids did. Maybe when I was really little, but I don't remember too well. I used to have roller blades and I was too scared to go too far, so I'd just ride up and down my street until some kid made fun of me. I like biking more now, but this heat is too intense to do much more than walk to class without needing a shower.

Anyhow, this is a sketch I did for thiel's first assignment, I want to scan and post the final later tonight, which is a completely different image. I liked the story a lot, so it was fun doing extra sketches. A lonely girl rides her bike to the library and brings home as many books as she can. I mean come on.

This year has been good so far. Just a matter of keeping motivated. And cooking as much as possible :)