girls n guns

Friday sketch at work this week was "my uzi weighs a ton" and I have little to no interest in drawing guns, so I went to Erin-Default-Awkward-Girls-Without-Pants mode, and voila. 

I'm in the middle of reading Then We Came to the End, and being that it takes place at an ad agency during a recession and layoffs, the issues ring true to my own experience here. I liked this passage-
We had a toy client, a car client, a long-distance carrier, and a pet store chain. We did TV, print, direct mail, and internet. We had a business to business division. We drank too much on the weekends. We had the great fortune and shortcomings of character that marked every generation that had never seen war. If we had been recovering from the aftereffects of a significant campaign, we might have been grateful to be where we were. Eager, even.


Friday Sketch at Reel FX this week was "Magnificent Mustache"
Civil war facial hair can't be beat.

Canvas for a cause

I did a painting for tonight's Canvas for a Cause show at Reel FX. Quilts and girls are default for me, it would seem.

all my wherefores and whys

Parka Twins
(about half watercolor half photoshop)
This was my first drawing of the new year, and probably the best drawing I've ever done of Drew. I captured his essence.

Bookstore drawrin
A girl in a pleated skirt

I drove about 2500 miles in the past 3 weeks. Dallas to Florida. Port Richey to Orlando, a handful of times. Florida to Dallas. I did not find myself dreading the time spent on the road. I welcomed the chance to clear my mind, put on some music, and do a thing that had to be done. Florida was good to me and I was sad to leave this time. But, I feel recharged, and ready for these next few uncertain months.