all horns and thorns

A Boy and a Girl.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I assure you I support equal opportunity awkward adolescent portraiture. Awkward boys in suits are just as welcome as librarians, girls sitting by windows, walking through fields, or doing other wistful things with their gangly knees and elbows. I hope I'm not becoming too formulaic. Let's call it personal iconography.

Things on my mind lately include sourdough bread, ducks of the french variety, my much neglected sketchbook, Ireland, harpists, and just how loud I can play this on my morning drive to work without blowing out my speakers. 

Coke AMC

Radium, the commercial group at Reel FX, updated the site with some stuff I worked on. This Coke/AMC job was pretty fun. If you go to an AMC theater this summer, keep an eye out for our work before your feature presentation. I worked on the concept stuff for the pitch, and some matte painting in the final shot. 

Hope all are well and keeping cool. :)