Breadcrumbs comes out TODAY!

Breadcrumbs comes out TODAY!

If you are interested, you may procure a copy via your local friendly bookstore, or there's always Amazon :)

I want to take this chance to show a few more of the interior illustrations I completed for this project. In total, there are 10 of my illustrations throughout the book, and I am excited that they're finally released into the world.

Much has been said already about Breadcrumbs throughout the blogosphere, and indeed, a blog tour starting this week will continue reveal more, all more eloquently than I could. But as the illustrator, I want to throw in my $0.o2 and say that Anne Ursu's writing was a pleasure to illustrate. Already this book is getting all kinds of buzz (starred reviews in Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus) and it's all completely warranted. Her writing is the star of the show, I feel like I just got to do the icing on an already tasty cake. So go try this bookcake. Thank you.

I hope all are well.

Goodbye Summer

A little summery piece. Goodbye summer.

Fall means I start to get really busy again, but I don't mind. Currently packing up everything and moving next week across town. I look forward to setting up my studio area with Drew and cranking away on some new work.