Some quick watercolors from yesterday. The middle one was tricky, I got a new sketchbook about a month ago and hadn't really worked a lot in it until yesterday. The paper repels water, it's really hard to work on, so I've had to figure out how to paint without washes, and with dilluting the paint as little as possible. I also just started a portrait of my sister in oil and should be done with that soon too.
I couldn't believe how hot out it was today, like in the mid 80's. Not that I want to be ridiculously freezing, but it isn't even snowing in Minnesota, which is the only reason I'm going there.
I saw The Queen today and it was really good, if that's your sort of thing. I'm also going to look forward to Curse of the Golden Flower, if for no other reason than it looks very pretty and probably epic, though there seem to be a lot of push up bras.
And this is probably my last post of the year. This year has been insane. I wouldn't want it any other way.

that broke

Superfast (uh but still heartfelt) christmas gift for my mom, and a quick watercolor of my backyard as the sun was setting the other night.
Hope all had good holidays.

what okay

an invasion of bunnies

Christmas came way too fast, and seeing as it's still in the 70's and 80's it still feels like october. It's still nice though, to be home for a bit and let the days drag out. Time at ringling always moves too quickly, and suddenly, you're a junior and first semester is over what?! For once I don't feel (completely) like I'm just here to be waiting to go back to school, but actually enjoying time with my family and time to paint and get caught up on work and eat real meals and sleep til noon and not constantly feel like the world's gonna implode. I'm getting a camera for christmas and I hope to take a lot of photos of people and places around here before I head back.




Paint what you know? I know quilts and tea and slightly anxiety ridden women.

Sarah (who never updates her blog..) said to me last night, when I was freaking out over a dumb painting, that, isn't it funny how a flat surface and some oil and pigment can completely change our emotions and all that other junk. It's a weird predicament, to care about something inanimate so much that it has that much bearing on your life. A little break will be nice.

And then back to work.


Sketchbook! Some of these are a bit old, Volker still has hair.

And also an illustration

This was an open assignment. I was trying to draw a memory I think I had of new england when I was very young. I'm not sure if it really happened or not. I think that would be a cool theme for a series of illustrations, "stuff that maybe happened". That and I wanted to draw sheets. I need to figure out how to work and not tighten up on bigger pieces. Pratt recommended I look at J Muth and I think you should too. If you like watercolor. His are sweet without being saccharine or tacky.

Final projects and things being completed. I want to maintain this mindset over break and paint a lot, see if I can find some cool subject matter in NPR, and maybe coerce Watts to go landscape painting with me.

This semester has been supercrazy.


24 hour comic we did a few weeks ago. Text later, maybe.

I'm living off of tea and various granola products. Doing magazine layouts melts my brain. Reading comics to keep sane. Looking forward to Minnesota and things to come.