This is up on my site now, but I figured I'd give it some blog love too. Trying out new brushes.

My sister (artist rendition) is getting married soon, and my wedding gift to her was designing her invitations. It's on the beach but she didn't want it to be too cliche "beachy" so I focused more on the cool beach houses in Seaside Fl, where her and her fiancee often went on vacation.

It also meant I got to draw cool little houses. She took the lineart from one of these and made it into a stamp that went on the envelope.

Also, wedding invitations these days are too involved. Instead of just letting you know you're invited, the invitation also suggests hotels and includes maps and compasses and probably a foot massage. I drew a map to help all the guests get to the reception and not end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, I've put Heirloom and Ghost Cat prints up for sale in the print shop.
Hope everyone is doing well. Take care!