A quick Friday sketch. Trying to stay loose. I love really a graphic quality to illustration, but I find it hard to reign myself in sometimes. Rendering is just therapeutic, but sometimes gets me nowhere.

Fall is always a busy time for me, and this year is no exception. I'm going to my ol' alma mater- Ringling College of Art and Design, to give a talk about my career, doing children's books, and how to get hired at a studio. If you're in Sarasota on October 25th say hi.

I hope all are well.

Orcs Must Die!

And now, for a break from our usually scheduled illustrations for this special announcement:

My boyfriend Drew works at Robot Entertainment, and their first original game called Orcs Must Die! comes out today on X-Box, and next week on Steam.

I've always thought it's funny that while I draw mostly innocent stuff, Drew gets to paint monsters and orcs. So to bridge the gap, I drew a lil' baby orc to say Happy Release Day, and congrats to the whole studio for a really fun and original game!