Fairy Friday

A quick concept for a hospital charity project. Fun to do something a bit happier sometimes.

Here's to a good weekend!

Maids and Baked Goods


These are a few of the interior illustrations I did for Bliss, a middle grade novel with HarperCollins (Iacopo Bruno did the cover) written by Kathryn Littlewood. The book is about a magical bakery, and being an amateur baker myself, I had a lot of fun drawing various baked goods. These are mostly pencil, with a lil' photoshop love at the end.
Magical Mason Jar

Lemon Tart

And a few things from the sketchbook:
 Continuing with my love of Downton Abbey. This isn't any maid in particular from the show, but just me being an anglophile in general.
 I drew a boy. He has a lil rabbit-ferret-friend.

And in closing, a project I worked on at Reel FX, rebranding our studio. I worked on several sections of this, and it was good fun.

I hope all are well!