Sketchbook drawing I intend on taking to final

I like clocks and old words

A few weeks ago I was in a very pouty mood and did this drawing

Struggling with my self portrait for the poster-

I like this drawing not because it's good, but because it makes people uncomfortable.

Another drawing of another wistful girl reading. Might finish this one?

Drawing I think I'll use for a Christmas card.

Scanned some recent sketchbook stuff, lots of brush pen drawings, as you can see.
Wrapping up the semester is always a challenge. I either feel overwhelmed, or this odd sense of being caught up, and therefore not knowing what to do with myself. Right now I kind of feel both, so I updated my blog instead of sorting out what I really should be doing.

Exciting times at Ringling, I feel like winter break will help me get my plan together for thesis.

Also, my roommate Trish now has an
Etsy Store so you can easily buy a designer plushie for someone for christmas.


mauricio salmon said...

really nice sketches erin, good luck with thesis and enjoy the rest of your ringling experience.

Dominguez said...

Hello, love your brush pen work, gives it nice texture. My favorite is the girl crying holding a bunny. You should take it to the final, with the watercolor style you work best. Take care, hope everything is going well.

Congrats on the semifinalists for the Hallmark competition.


sarah said...

I really, really like that first sketch. Can't wait to see what you do with it as final piece.

Rampian said...

Hi, Erin

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have a picturebook project in-house that might interest you. You can e-mail me at

To see some of Tricycle Press' books, visit

Hope to hear from you!


Candy said...


I love the print your mom gave to me for Christmas. Will be framing and hanging it this very evening. Do you have a name for it? It is the girl with all the books.

All your work is beautiful! You deserve to be a finalist in the Hallmark competition. I look forward to buying your cards when available. Wish I could get them now to use as Christmas gifts.

Candy Smith