I think I've found a technique that's pretty fast and has decent results, I like working this way.

The past week was incredibly busy, this Friday we had our second Illest of Ill show. The piece in the previous entry (chelsea) as well as a watercolor I did at the end of the summer (carmine) got in, along with my summer sketchbook. We had crazy hours this week, getting up at 7 or 8 to open the gallery or pick up shirts, and staying up til 4 or 5 am hanging work or moving couches or doing... whatever had to be done. There was a group of about 30 students involved, and it was really cool to see everyone working together for something that everyone could enjoy.
We also flew in Coro from Massive Black to judge and do some demos. He turned out to be a really cool guy, and I think he picked a pretty good show. If you enjoyed the show, get involved next year, I really hope illest is here to stay.

For once, I'm pretty caught up on work. I might go to bed at a decent hour!


Sarah Watts said...

I like this one. The house carries your quarkiness.

laniepoo said...

You are very talented and very diversified in your work. Don't stop seeking to achieve the best. You're almost there!