Forbidden planet environment
There comes a time when you get one of those assignments you don't want to do, when you know you probably won't put it in a portfolio or show it to anyone ever again. Such was the case with the Forbidden Planet assignment. Thiel thought it would be a great idea to have us all do posters for his favorite movie. Well, a lesson in patience if nothing else.

Also, for our portfolio class we had to create a letterhead system for ourselves, with business cards, postcards, stationary and envelopes etc etc. I really enjoyed being back in design mode, and had fun coming up with this stuff.
Click on the card to see all of the pieces, it's a bigger image.

Birds and bikes and girls are fine by me.

I feel like i'm at a strange transition point in my work where I don't have many finished pieces, but a lot of good starts. Hopefully soon I'll have some new work up.


Megan said...

these are so good. hired.

Trish Tatman said...

Thanks for the comment. I've been working on my plushies "identity" while working on the Southwest stuff, so it's been a juggle. I still need to make some decisions on letterhead, etc., even if it's just for my portfolio.

Anyway, even though you didnt like it, the FORBIDDEN PLANET did turn out pretty good.

Coral said...

I agree, especially for one of those assignments that you don't want to do that turned out really well. I quite like it.

Arrolynn said...

I love Forbidden Planet!!! and I love your illustration for it too!! but I especially like your business card...your just awesome all over the place.