I haven't posted sketchbook stuff in a while. These are from the past few weeks, from precollege forward. Sketchbooks have been kind of frustrating for me lately.

bayou 2

busts at the Ringling museum. sometimes I draw in pencil :O

the first weekend of precollege, the students got together and drew each other portrait night style. They were all really into it

Other than sketchbooks and a few watercolors, I've mostly been working on the children's book job I've had for some time now. I feel like the end is in sight though, and even though it took a while to get going on the final work, I'm pretty happy at how things are turning out. I'll probably post the whole book when I finish the watercolors, and you can all see the extent of my cute bunny abilities.
For the remainder of summer, Drew and I are going hiking/rafting/painting/bear fighting up in Georgia in the mountains in the northeast part of the state.
And then, holycrapwe'reseniors


Arrolynn said...

Hey Erin! I always like to see your sketchbook pages, you have such a unique and beautiful style! I've really been working on experimenting on my sketchbook this summer, I've almost got two done. I might start bringing some of it into my illustrations! See you soon at school!

Trish Tatman said...

Gawd, tell me about it. We freaking GRADUATE May 2nd, wtflolbbq?!!1

Anyway, the rollar skate is bitching, as is the line drawing of the girl laying on her back.

When do you get back to skool Erin McBlog?

Francis Vallejo said...

Great stuff. I really dig the rollerskate!!

rama hughes said...

you've done some beautiful work!