For Christmas, I finished this drawing as a piece for my sister, and made her a set of personalized stationary. She liked it a lot, which made me happy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I was pretty overwhelmed by the handmade teapot/tea cups my mom gave me, and all in all this was a good year. She also gave me an automatic shower cleaner, I think she is trying to tell me something.

Hallmark Contest ends in exactly two weeks, and I am tied for first place. which is nuts.

And, sorry to be one of
those people, but my sister got a kitten recently, and I managed to snap this picture while she had climbed our Christmas tree. She is crazy.


Anonymous said...

good luck in the (RED) competition!

Arrolynn said...

beautiful painting, and cute kitty! Congrats on being tied for first! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

So many people are so proud of you. Not just your family.

Candy said...

All your work is beautiful.

sarah said...

Lovely illustration, makes me actually miss snow. Awesome cat too. Best of luck with the card contest!

Carlos V. said...

Great stuff Erin, love your work. I just voted for you at the Hallmark website. Did you intern for them? Hope everything is well. Happy new year!