Endings, New Beginnings

Today is my last day as a full time artist at Reel FX Studios. After much deliberation, I've decided now is the time for me to throw one hundred percent of my efforts into being a full time freelance illustrator.

I spent four great years at Reel FX working on over 200 commercial and film projects with a hardworking, kind, and talented team of designers. But at the same time, for the past three years, I've been moonlighting in the publishing world, doing all of the books and covers you see here. I never wanted to publicly admit how hard this double life was, how crazy the hours were becoming, because I kept feeling like my luck would change.

After working on over 25 books this year alone, it was clear I didn't need to keep waiting for a sign that I'm ready. Anything pursued with hard work and passion has a tendency to work out. So when it came time to choose, I knew the world of kid lit was my home.

This time last year, I spoke to students at Ringling College of Art and Design about my experience working on childrens books. One student asked me what my dream job would be, my reply was something along the lines of "Well, I already have it. I want to make books for kids for the rest of my life."

And I do. So here we go.