together like towers

I've updated with new work, and new sketchbook work.

A few items of note-
Writers House finished their new site for all the artists they represent, here's my page.
Also, Steve Dilley interviewed me for his blog, about the few pieces of concept work I did on Radium's "Magic Chairs" AMC spot.

It is getting to be good tea weather. Also good baking weather. In general, weather has more impact on me than it should, and I love having lazy autumn evenings to open my windows and not look at photoshop. I look at Photoshop for too many consecutive hours in too many consecutive days. Some people have asked me about my inspiration, and sometimes taking an evening off is just as inspiring as looking at artwork. Times like this I wish I had a bike.

Or at least a treehouse.


An exercise in simplicity.

I like October. We get along well.