Sickness didn't slow me down too much. Going in soon for more chest x-rays. I pretty much coughed and slept through all of the month of May. But, aside from reading a ton of Hellboy and renting a ton of movies, I spent my time in quarantine doing a few watercolors and photoshop stuffs.

ink & water color

party dresses
watercolor. Kind of overworked this one, but I like the faces okay. the rest... ehhh, I should be using reference.

and a work in progress-

photoshop. The figure is still pretty unrendered, and a lot of things I want to tighten up, but it's been fun to force myself to deal with an environment and different lighting situations.

I think Ringling painting classes depend way too much on studio lighting, which, combined with Floridian models who have pretty orange-y tan skin anyway, we kind of end up with ugly orange-burnt sienna flesh tones that don't really occur outside the studio. Maybe that's why so many of us are drawn to Richard Schmid, Sargeant, etc etc who really use cool north light to great effect.

My attitude about this summer has changed a lot. I really need to relax and do some artwork for fun, before that stops being an option. I look forward to seeing what everyone in the academy is working on.


I uploaded an in-progress new design for my website. Looking at Jay Ryan for color and type.

I would have tried to finish it, but I got pneumonia (and bronchitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis) at the end of finals week. I still have pneumonia (plus all the other junk as far as I know), but at least I'm home and I can rest a lot. This is probably the sickest I've ever been, being as I've never let myself get this run down before. Not sleeping enough, or eating right, Ringling wreaked havoc on my immune system. I think I have learned my lesson. Next year will be different.

Still, lots to look forward to for this summer. Just have to get myself back together first.


Ink and wash, and painter

portrait night

This year just will never end! One more week and every day feels longer. I can't wait to sleep and see something other than Ringling. Good god I've never needed a break so badly before.