CNN devoted a whole article to this.
The picture that accompanies this made me happy though. Just because you know the guy was all excited to dress up in his nice purple shirt and hold the kitties.
But yeah, this is CNN's 5th most important story in the united states today. Awesome.


Pratt showed us an interesting watercolor technique, similar to that of Burt Silverman, where you treat the paint more like oil, push and pull lights and darks. I think I'd use it only for creepy images, but still a fun excercise. Volker post apocalypse, and some creepy lady from a photo book I have. The third one is a one hour thunderdome I did the past week, topic being "shoes." Last one is a watercolor I did a few weeks ago, but that I finally found stuffed under my couch, and got around to scanning.


I finally got my sketchbook back from Illest of Ill. I think this has been my favorite sketchbook to work in, at least in a long while. I felt like the smaller format made it easy to catch a moment, convey a mood, tell a story, whatever. Assume everything means something or everything means nothing, either way I really liked this one. The bottom painting is a crappy photo of a painting I did of my friend Adam staring down some unknown dangers in a dark alley. The two above that are some quick watercolors.


If I could find people that would hire me to work no larger than 6x8 I'd be set for watercolor. Bigger than that and I c h o k e. But I had forgotten how much I love watercolor. I have not found a more satisfying material to work in. Just need to make it work.

Open your windows, it's beautiful outside.