For breakfast, we grind

A building in tallahassee that I drew whilst waiting for my sister's concert

"Moon Drawing" the first precollege event that the kids got to go to, where they had to draw each other in almost complete darkness. It proved to be a challenge for us too, but it was fun to draw such a huge group of people

I am incredibly happy to be back here. It is great to go from having to force myself to pick up a pen and draw, to being in an environment where drawing feels like breathing, something I have to be doing instead of sitting still. I think I am addicted to certain kinds of work, work that I enjoy. And thusfar, I have really enjoyed being a precollege TA. I like the students, the classes, getting to see friends a lot, I like the long hours, the feeling of not getting quite enough sleep. Somehow it feels like my time is more worthwhile, more meaningful and raw than just time wasted at home. The past week has been very good for me, I hope the next 3 weeks don't fly by too quickly.
I think even as students here, we take Ringling for granted. It's great to see a group of kids who are grateful for an environment that supports what they love to do. Even if they're unsure of themselves or haven't quite figured things out yet, it is still nice to see them appreciate being here. I think we kind of forget what it's like to desperately want to be a student here. Maybe not, maybe we do keep it in the front of our minds. I hope so, really.

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Dustin dArnault said...

dude im diging the drawing of the girl ... lucky basterd doin precollege while im stuck at well i hope all is well man keep it up