I Am Not a Graphic Designer

Well, I'm not a graphic designer, but when I come home, I always seemed to get roped into doing graphic design for people. T-shirts, posters, concert programs, just miscellaneous things. All of it gives me a greater appreciation for people who actually know what they're doing when it comes to layouts, typography, logos and the like, since it is always a bit difficult for me. But I get paid (usuaully) so I can't complain. Here's recent stuff

>Shirt for local music camp that runs during the summer. This is the 3rd camp shirt I've done, not to mention an extra 6 or so shirts for other school band camps. My designs are predictable

>My sister's senior clarinet recital is this weekend, and I agreed to make her a poster. She wanted something that looked like a page of an Urban Outfitters catalog, that whole distressed vintage like look. This was actually pretty fun, I wish my graphics (the clarinet, the pattern in the back) had been higher resolution, but it got the job done.

Having your wisdom teeth out is not fun. I miss chewing real food, and sleeping through a whole night. Lately I've been waking up between 4 and 6 AM with some splitting pains in my jaw. But I think the worst is over, so it's just a matter of patience now. I have puffy cheeks and small grass green bruises, making me look like a face out of a Jenny Saville painting.

Summer has been a bit frustrating, but a lot of stuff is coming up soon. I'm working at the music camp I did that shirt for, then working 4 weeks at Ringling, and then going to Pennsylvania to see Jamie. Hopefully it will motivate me to do everything I had planned to do. One thing at a time.


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