Just bought a new watercolor sketchbook. Hopefully it will force me to become much more direct with my watercolors. Less overworking, just straight honest brushwork.

Some other various sketches.

Precollege has been a very interesting experience. The days are passing far more quickly than I had anticipated. I'm halfway done with all of my teaching responsibilities, which is a bit of a shock. In many ways I hope the last 2 weeks don't fly by. I really enjoy our situation as a TA. Nights off to draw or go out, and the work we do have is all academic based. All of the living issues, the RAs have to take care of. Part of me is almost kind of apprehensive about starting next school year, we have way more responsibility and pressure to get better.

But I feel like I'm becoming obsessed with drawing and illustration again. I had never really gotten away from it, but now I feel like I've come back to it with a new kind of enthusiasm. I hope we keep it up.

In an unrelated note, I like this article


Anonymous said...

Erin, I just wanted you to know that I check by and read your blog every so often. I really enjoy seeing your sketch pages and hearing about your thoughts in this format. In some weird way, it is more personal than meeting in person where the primary exchange is a "how are ya" "good" and that's almost as deep as it gets.

Anywhoo.. keep it up.


Jane said...

Erin, just dropping a note to let you know that I surf over and check your blog every so often. I really enjoy seeing your sketches and reading your thoughts in a forum like this. Somehow it's more personal than when we actually meet in person, because it's straight from what's on your mind and goes deeper than "hey, how are you" "good" type stuff.

Anywho... keep it up.

ML - J

Jane said...

Ugh. I obviously didn't realize that I had already posted once... I am not the smartest little bear tonight. Off to bed!