Tomorrow I move in for Precollege. It snuck up quite quickly, as many things do, just after I had found a kind of peace here. Precollege, like most Ringling events, does not seem too well organized at this point, being as I don't know where I'm living, if I'm living in an apartment or what. I'm trying to not freak out, but we McGuires, we like to know in advance, to put our minds at ease.

Also, I think everyone college aged should read this article, and think about a time when your parents couldn't reach you 5 times a day, when you were young and on your own and ran your own life. I love my mom, I love her more for not being one of those parents who fights my battles for me-
Mommy, Tell my Professor he's not nice!

I am not taking my computer to school, not that this is updated regularly, nor viewed by more than 4 people, but nonetheless, updates will be sporadic. I'm really looking forward to getting to work at precollege. I know I have a great interest in teaching in the future, and I hope this gives me an indication of if I gots what it takes. Or... if a bunch of high schoolers are better artists than I am.

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