self portrait, photoshop

I guess if I were to make a list of what I like to draw when I'm in default mode, it would be something like "girls, buildings, old men, and gadgetry." maybe that can be my thesis. I really hate my default mode (i kinda hate everyone's default mode). It's the stuff you draw when you have no new ideas or real inspiration. But sometimes it's good to get bored with your work, with yourself. Thinking you're always ahead of the game is a dangerous place to be, I would think.

I just finished reading Prodigal Summer by barbara kingsolver, it was a nice start to some summer reading and really made me miss camping and going outside more. Nature really does trump any human effort at beauty.


Tamte said...

I'm getting visions of a poster that's going to go up at Ringling sometime in April. (that self portrait is killer)


Trish Tatman said...

We're starting the super-collab sketchbook tonight I think- Ben & I. We'll be sending it along to the states as soon as we have a good start on it.

Oh, and the postcard should be in your box when you get back for PreCollege.

mauricio salmon said...

your work is so much fun to look at!

Cawley said...

Hah, at first glance, I thought that was a portrait of Caitlin.

Negartija said...
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