My focus lately has been more on experimenting with some more media, different ways of using watercolor and gouache to create a different range of moods. I've still got a bit of "brooding girl in the middle of the composition" syndrome, but eh, excercises don't have to be fireworks right?
Also I could use some new music. Recommendations welcome.

Precollege makes me sleepy.


Tamte said...

HEY HEY! glad precollege is going along. The one that's really killin me is the black and white ink portrait. and as far as music goes. (you shoulda ripped that CD I brought down) but on a few different notes I recommend the following:

The Seatbelts- "what planet is this?"

Miles Davis- "Airegin"

Grandmaster Flash- "The message"

The Earlies- "Devil's Candy"

Tsunami Bomb- "20 going on.."

(just the stuff i've been kickin to recently)

keep it coming,


Trish Tatman said...

Anything produced by Timbaland, no joke. Blows that Atmosphere shit right out of the water.

The Go! Team is fun, too.