Summer sketchbook pages!

Big storm moved in last week, I still have trouble getting cool looking clouds.

These two above are some experiments for cards I'm going to paint for my aunt's gallery. Doing mindless flowers is kinda therapeutic.

This one is actually a little old by now, it was during my ongoing slew of doctor's visits. PS I'm healthy now!

This is the mahaffey theater in st. pete, I went to see Maya Angelou with my mom. She was pretty funny, I enjoyed it more than I expected.

I start work at Precollege again in a week. I'll be happy to have a change of pace, being at home allows me tons of time to read though, I finished The Double Bind and started reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, both of which seem to be good reads. Double bind was pretty creepy, it would make a good movie.

Other than that, rentin movies paintin pictures bakin cakes not a bad way to be.


Andrew Olson said...

Wow, those first 2...seriously, they kick ass. Wow!

Trish Tatman said...

Kuchen ist gut.

Thats your german for today. Cake is good. (gawd I suck.)

Duncan Barton said...

erin, these are looking great- I like your life drawings and the distinct style that you're developing with your other pictures. looking forward to seeing more!