Darkbeast Rebellion

 Today is technically the last day of winter (I know this because tomorrow is my birthday, the first day of spring, vernal equinox!) so I thought I'd post one last vestige of snow as we move into warmer times. I had fun illustrating Darkbeast last year, and I am happy to show the cover for the sequel Darkbeast Rebellion as well. Similar to the first book, I created this illustration as a wraparound that will extend onto the back cover.

Darkbeast Rebellion is written by Morgan Keyes, published by Simon & Schuster, art directed by  Russel Gordon.

And hey! Look at that, I've updated my website with this and other new work for your viewing pleasure.

Newly updated www.emcguire.net

Thanks for checking it out, and take care.

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Joanne Roberts said...

Super cover art, but I can't get the link to your website to load. Help!