Going on an adventure

The Adventurer
You can never be too prepared for an adventure. Fezzes always remind me of Moonbot and Bill Joyce, who has a mighty collection. It's finally spring, which means we have that short, glorious window of weather to go outside, go camping, enjoy things a bit before it's summer.

Also, are you on Instagram? I am! You can follow me here. I mostly use it to fill in the gaps between blog updates. It's way easier to post works-in-progress and sketches (plus the cheap thrill of a photo filter). Here's a few recent ones-

Girl of Rainbow Feathers
Sara Sketch
Flower Crown
Sleeping Loki
Bijou Sketch
Time machine concept

And of course, I may post the occasional cat picture. Here's me transcending to a Level 3 cat lady.
Hello children.
So, enjoy! Til next time, take care.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork. Thank you for such a visual delight. All your works are amazing. You must get such pleasure in creating such wonderful images.