Darkbeast Cover
Darkbeast Wraparound

Darkbeast by Morgan Keyes, is a fantasy MG novel published by Simon & Schuster, art directed by the wonderful Russel Gordon. Cover illustrated by yours truly.

Wraparounds (illustrations that extend to the back cover) are always a fun challenge, because you have to think of the composition as just the front cover, but make the whole piece feel cohesive. In this case, I got to illustrate a bit more of the story, showing a cute village and mysterious hooded figure on the back cover. A fun experience for sure.

In other news, I am enjoying this unusually warm winter, finding cool ways to use my CSA produce (count me firmly on the kale chips bandwagon) and looking forward to attending Spectrum Art Live in May with Drew, and friends Dustin and Francis (And whomever else I can convince to attend before May). Staying busy and drawing lots.

Take care!


Hildie said...

Love this!

lissa said...

gorgeous! I am reminded of Emily Bronte and her moors.

Sean Lane said...

Very beautiful!

Sarah Watts said...

This is really great! It's magical:D