WIP it good

A work in progress.

I don't have the most interesting process. I have a very different attitude for personal work vs. professional work, mostly in that I let my personal work develop organically. With no deadlines or agenda, I forget studies and thumbnails, and just push some pixels for a while. For the book I'm working on now though, I did literally hundreds of thumbnails before I sent in sketches. It all depends on the challenge at hand, and the most efficient way to tackle it.

How about you? Structure and thumbnails and studies? Or the good ol' start-and-see-what-happens method?

And to complete my noncomplete work post, here's a still shot from a commercial I concepted and art directed (ie, why I've been busy lately).
This was my first foray into art direction, and it was a lot of fun to really work closely with the CG artists to get the look right. Not to mention, I got to draw literally every asset in the commercial.
Soon enough I'll be able to post the final, and the concept work I did, but for now, an enigmatic still.

In other news, I put new work up on www.emcguire.net for your viewing pleasure, and all my updated info. 2010 is going to be a fun year, right?


Carly said...

Hey, you don't know me but I think we share several acquaintances. Just wanted to say I really like your sketch there (and your work in general!) I'm the same way with my process; if it's for a client I go all out on the preliminaries, but for personal work I just kind of see what happens.

Fran Johnston said...

Hey Erin. Been coming to your blog for a while but first time commenting. Just want to say really enjoy your work and always come here for a bit of ol inspiration and motivation. thanks!

Thomas Taylor said...

I really like your illustration style. I'm taking a bit of a break from visual work myself, to concentrate on my writing, but I'll certainly be back to here to see more of your work.

Chris Wahl said...

Beautiful work, Erin. I came here via Joe Bluhm's blog and I'm glad I did.

Christina Ellis said...

Wow, I love your stuff! x3 I'd like to see your painting process sometime. My process is sort of varies a lot. For now I seem to be finding a balance behind structure and play. Good luck in the new year and thanks for the blog comment!