Some old work, from a John Woo project we did when I first started. Sometimes you just gotta draw ninja chicks all day. It's a hard life. This was a really great learning experience, for putting more color and mood into my images, and starting to think more cinematically.

It's odd, even looking at student's blogs now, I can see trends going through each class in whatever major, and it's funny because everything starts to look similar sometimes. Once you graduate, and everyone disperses into the world, you'll find that your tastes change, and maybe the type of art you want to make is different from what you (and all your classmates) were doing at school. Everyone is more nervous about getting jobs than they are about satisfying their own aesthetic at that point. It's hard to realize that the world is bigger than art school. The more I work in film and publishing, the more fun I'm having just thinking up stories and worlds, and bouncing ideas off Drew and Adam. It's nice to take your time, and focus on what you care about.

We forget that we're young, and we have plenty of time.


Betsy Bauer said...

I love these. They're beautiful. :)

Orlando Sanchez said...

These are incredible erin and if these are old then I'm sure your exploring even more different ways to create beautiful images. I agree with you as well. Hope your doing well.

best regards,
orlando sanchez

Megan said...

These are really awesome; looks like you had fun.

We all need to meet up again soon.

Jeff Welborn said...

These are mind numbingly awesome! You painting have such life to them. My paintings (which I'm fairly new to) I have to plan so carefully I think they may lose some of the life my sketches have.

Tom Scholes said...

really gorgeous.