All prides and tithes aside

For an ongoing project. Trying new things.
Because if I don't, I'll always just do the same things.

Okay, here's one thing I've learned: Starting a project is really hard if it stops being fun.
So many artists say they're going to "do a portrait a day" or update every day and so forth, then as soon as their once-exciting project feels like work, they give it up completely.
For a personal project, I don't give myself deadlines, parameters, quotas, I just tell myself to do what I can, when I can. It becomes my default thing to draw when I'm bored and can't think of anything to draw. It has yet to feel like work, and I've stuck with it longer.

How about you? How have you stuck with your personal projects?

On a separate note...
Are you following the Reel FX Art Department blog? Check out what we do when we aren't doing commercials. That's right, we're drawing tricycles.


Watts said...

Ugh I know what you mean! I have started so many things and because I either set a deadline or lost interest I never finish them! It is better to just let personal be no pressure, it comes out better. I love the drawing!

Fran Johnston said...

Yeah I know what you mean too. I've been working on a personal project for the last six months and I'd say I did two thirds of it in the last 3 weeks. Just prepping it for the printers now. I think you get more precious with personal work but I find if you just try to get it done best you can and learn from any mistakes you notice later works best for me. Different strokes for different folks though! Oh and great stuff by the way!

marry said...
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I own my life said...

Oh exactly how I feel all the time... I tried to post about all the good cafes around copenhagen, and as time goes I get lazy... and all of sudden feel like I should do it, and then that's the point I give up...
Love your works by the way. I always just come and look at your works. :)

rasager said...

I did a personal illustration project last year: one illustration a week for a year (@

I finished all 52 within 365 days, but it was a real challenge.

It was important for me to complete, even when it got really tough -- we have to push ourselves, otherwise, as you say, we'll "always just do the same things."

I love your work!