in the mean time

The Giver

I've been trying to keep most of my thesis stuff under wraps, since I don't want the senior show to be super anticlimactic when everyone's already seen all my stuff on my blog, but I figured this was unfinished (still needs type) so it's alright to show.

I never read The Giver in middle school, it seems like the people who did all had a really strong response to it. Luckily, the
cover is pretty ugly, so that gave me a lot to improve upon. I decided not to do A Clockwork Orange as a cover for a similar reason, I don't feel like any solution I can come up with (that is still an illustration) can compete with the image and the style of Kubrick's movie. The Giver was a really awesome book, it was fun to read it for the first time in the context of all this other "adult" dystopian literature. A Kid's dystopian novel is still pretty scary, and the old cover shows none of that.

Lately I've been doing what I refer to as "everything other than art" which seems to be the harder, stressful part of being a senior. The work, we can do, we just don't have much time to do the work when we have to cut mats, frame stuff, get something ready for a company, etc. When I was an underclassmen I had the impression that the seniors must just be in their rooms all the time working on their thesis, when really, working on thesis is a treat compared to this other stuff. I have 2 covers left to go, and then I'm done with my thesis, which is a weird feeling.

In the mean time, trying to not lose my voice!


Francis Vallejo said...

really nice mood erin!!

Kyler Dannels said...

I envy your compositional intuition. This one is really nice.

Arrolynn said...

Very Beautiful!

Trish Tatman said...

"Ohhh... I love you, Window. So much."

Anonymous said...

Hah seeing what Trish said I see it now as him caressing the window. Who knows whats happening on the other side of that robe! Sorry. It's still super cool though. Really nice.

Eric Orchard said...

Absolutely stunning. This should be the cover.