Changing gears a bit, I wanted to do some work that wasn't a dystopian book cover. Book covers come with a certain expectation; they sum up the story in a singular, graphic image. Doing these little environments has been really fun, and feels way more open ended. I've come to realize that no one has just one set of skills, it's a bit more like a venn diagram, where you can have commonalities but go pretty far in opposite directions. I'd be equally happy as a graphic designistrator (real technical term) or doing more painterly stuff for visual development avenues.

Really though, these are for comics class. In my story, lonely lighthouse boy wishes his scientist girlfriend didn't always have so much homework, she feels bad and builds him a flying machine to bring him something nice. It's based on a true it's not

I've always thought that I kind of suck at drawing guys, but if I can give them big ol
Freddie Highmore ears, I seem to have more fun. I just can't seem to pull off a drawing of a really manly man.

I'm volunteering this weekend for "Accepted Student Day" at Ringling, meeting the next crop of new art students and telling them fun horror stories about the work load (which are always grossly over-exaggerated). I remember when I could not wait to get here. Now I'm waiting for the next big chapter of my life, and the uncertainty is taking it's toll. We'll all land on our feet, I just wonder where.


EL Gato Negro said...

these really came out sweet Erin keep this up.

Sandra Lucia said...

These environments and character studies are fantastic!!