glowy bits

For my digital illustration class. I had to illustrate an old japanese folktale about a bamboo cutter who finds a little fairy thing in bamboo and brings her home because he always wanted a daughter or somesuch.

More later! End of year makes me sleepy.


Cateris said...

Very different for you. Which is cool. The face has a lot more individuality.

I'm totally sitting next to you waiting for Roskamp 1 to open its doors so we can see if Jon Foster likes us or not.

You smell perdy.

Jane said...

Erin!! Nice! I think that this my favorite thing of yours. It's definitely up there. Has the feeling of your work but with more depth, atmosphere, value range, ect. Cool!

Cawley said...

Very nice. I love the way you did the princess all glowing and such. I guess in the story she's supposed to have really pale skin, right? It's a nice interpretation. I would imagine the light fading as she grew until her skin was just white, with the faintest light coming through.

Randomly, I actually own a children's book based on this story. I read it for Japanese practice.

miguel lantigua said...

great atmosphere and lighting Erin, the colors are beautiful!
your drawing is getting much better, my only complain is that the bamboo in the sky looks too sharp and focused so they look like they are coming forward, competing with the focal point which is the girl's hands.

keep it up, only three more weeks!

mclean said...

Erin!!! This is like the strongest piece i've ever seen you do! Just so you know, I AM expecting a really nice print of this at the end of the year with a signature at the bottom. Just so you know.