Sometimes reference is really fun. I got a neat camera for christmas and it really has made me enjoy the photography process again. I think reference in general is pretty interesting at our school. We have a lot of people at our disposal, and we find ourselves in some funny reference situations. I think i've been like 3 dead girls, beauty from beauty in the beast, thumbelina, and lots of old ladies
Some fun shots from the past few months

jane helped me shoot reference for self portrait stuff. not using this one, but I like the light. She made the point that most pictures of me, if you stuck on some type like "anxious? worried?" would make great antidepressant ads. awesome.

for an illustration due friday about a girl who hasn't seen the sun for like 5 years, and is locked in a closet when it finally does come out. Caterislegs :)

I use Adam a lot for reference because you can turn him into a lot of different people easily. This was some of the reference for the bamboo man illustration.

Over winter break, when I had first gotten my camera, I got my sister to pose outside on a really cold stormy day. I liked this shirt she had, but she wasn't crazy about wearing it in the 30 degree weather. Probably the funniest photo shoot ever for me. I like natural light, but it is so rare we get to reference in it.

Reference for Drew's painting. I think reference wise, we put Watts through the most hell

I'd love to see everyone elses reference from the past semester. I'd also like to get a lot of reference for the break, so that we can have lots to paint from.

Also, no luck on American Greetings or Hallmark, so I'll be returning to Precollege. I'm kind of relieved in a way, and I'm excited to make some other plans (san diego comic-con, boston) to hopefully have this be a fun summer.


watts said...

Yes, you guys are cruel. You are dressed in an elegant dress, and you guys always throw some circus outfit on me, or little boy clothes. Ha ha, it's fun. The top picture of you is pretty.

Trish Tatman said...

I've been the girl in Josh's comic, a lady whose baby died, a girl watching her parents get eaten... Why am I always the reference for the girl who has bad things happen to her?!