This was the better of my character designs for digital illustrations. I did a redesign of Frey, the viking god of fertility and harvest and stuff. This was fun, but photoshop is frustrating just in that you can keep on rendering and rendering your brains out and never be done, if you want. Very unlike a watercolor you can finish in one sitting.

I had a nice snowy spring break in Manhattan, and will post sketches soon.


EL Gato Negro said...

hahahaha this is Awwwwsome. i dig the whole piece. it reminds me of that creature thingy in princess mononoke. nice one Erin....... :)

mauricio salmon said...

wow nice colors and lighting. i also have the same problem with photoshop, it can get very tedious.

miguel lantigua said...

woah! great piece! are you going to try the digital media to push your watercolors? if not, you should.