My blog was all messed up for a week or so, if you hadn't noticed. Blogger thought I was a spam blog (splog, as it were) and so disabled it, sending me back to December. I emailed them frantically and all was repaired and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Finally getting a chance to get some new work done. I need to mix up my subject matter a bit I think, but really, this is what I like drawing most to relax. I also have some comic pages done, I'll get some up when I have something more substantial. The comics class has been going really well.

Here's a sample panel edited to reflect Thiel's comment that one of my characters looked like an artsy cat stevens wannabe, and so we turned it into Matt Dalluhn with a giant butter knife? (Out of respect and admiration I assure you.)

I'm busy as heck! I leave for NYC in one week precisely. I've never been there and will no doubt be lookin up at all dem buildins while someone swipes my camera. I'm really excited. Part of me has always felt like I should live in a big city. I'm very attracted to the idea of public transit, and actual art scene and having late night dining options other than... applebees or taco bell.

Gotta work!


Paul said...

Did you know there's an Erin McGuire bar in Atlantic City, NJ? Me neither.

watts said...

That top watercolor is your best ever.

Edward Kinsella III said...


That watercolor is the shit.

miguel lantigua said...

yours is my favourite in the case ^_^

Arrolynn said...

Erin, I loooove your watercolors. They bring me such joy. :) Isn't it exciting that I've joined the blogger world....yaay. whoopie. hurrah.