what okay

an invasion of bunnies

Christmas came way too fast, and seeing as it's still in the 70's and 80's it still feels like october. It's still nice though, to be home for a bit and let the days drag out. Time at ringling always moves too quickly, and suddenly, you're a junior and first semester is over what?! For once I don't feel (completely) like I'm just here to be waiting to go back to school, but actually enjoying time with my family and time to paint and get caught up on work and eat real meals and sleep til noon and not constantly feel like the world's gonna implode. I'm getting a camera for christmas and I hope to take a lot of photos of people and places around here before I head back.


Josh Burch said...

im glad that your break is going well erin :D

im liking that invasion of bunnies you got going there too

Trisha Jo said...

I'm practicing making little plushes... since these have such a nice shape, would you mind if I made a plush bunny off your design?

emcguire said...

YES! That'd be awesome ps i miss you